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Insulated Containers

Maintain product quality while on the move.  Sustain temperatures for sensitive items anywhere.  Use these insulated containers in the warehouse, on the go, in the store, at special events, and for dry ice storage.  The durable and ergonomic design of these units makes loading and unloading trouble-free.  These containers maintain product temperatures for hours without mechanical refrigeration.



  • FDA Approved High Impact Polyethylene
  • One-Piece Seamless Construction
  • Foam In Place Urethane Insulation
  • 4 Way Forklift  4 Way Pallet Jack

Availability of product to be determined based on quantity:


 Model  Interior Exterior    Tare Weight
 HR04P  22"L x 12"W x 26"H  26"L x 16"W x 33"H  47 lbs
 HR11P2  36.5"L x 21"W x 24"H  43"L x 27.5"W x 35.25"H  107 lbs
 HR16P  40.34"L x 25.6"W x 23.88"H  46.25"L x 31.50"W x 38.38"H  176 lbs
 HR27P 41"L x 37"W x 29"H   48"L x 43"W x 40.5"H  188 lbs
 HR28P-DC  42"L x 21"W x 54"H  48"L x 27"W x 65"H  205 lbs
 HR30P  41.5"L x 37"W x 31"H  47.5"L x 43"W x 42"H  193 lbs
 HR32P  41.5"L x 37"W x 36"H  47.5"L x 43.5"W x 49"H  220 lbs
 HR54P  42"L x 34"W x 63.5"H  48"L x 40"W x 77"H  292 lbs




Shown: Models HR74, HR54P & HR28P






Shown:  Model HR54P