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ITP Bulkheads

Insulated Bulkheads are used to create multi-temp zones in your trailer to protect temperature sensitive cargo, and to increase efficiency and profits. It is the ideal solution for transporting frozen, refrigerated, and/or dry products.Learn More

ITP Lifting Bulkhead

The Track-Mounted, Lifting Bulkhead system allows loaders and unloaders to move the bulkheads up and down our track system, and also lift bulkheads flush to the ceiling out of the way. Prevents fork-lift damage, employee injuries and loss of bulkheads.Learn More

ITP Curtains Combo

Insulated Transport Products Curtains help to prevent cold air loss when the doors are open. The curtains block the opening of the doors assisting in the maintaining of the temperature and therefore saving fuel!Learn More

ITP Tether Bulkhead

Designed to keep Bulkheads conveniently stored out of the way, without ever leaving the trailer. Stores your heaviest bulkheads on the sidewall of the trailer preventing employee injuries and loss of bulkheads.Learn More

ITP Blankets

Insulated Transport Products Pallet Covers and Blankets are designed to protect temperature sensitive food items during transit.Learn More

ITP Tube Chutes

Insulated Transport Products' Tube Chutes and Unimax Finger Adapter improve air flow by distributing the air from the refrigeration unit throughout the length of the trailer.  When not in use, chutes collapse flush to walls preventing forklift damage when moving cargo.  Easy to install!  Learn More

ITP Yellow Chute

Insulated Transport Products Air Chutes and Adapters improve air flow by distributing the air from the refrigeration unit throughout the length of the trailer instead of distributing the cold air directly in front of the refrigeration unit and being blocked by product.Learn More

Connection Corner

At Insulated Transport Products, we are committed to providing smart solutions and serving the customer through continuous improvement of our products. Benefit from our successful solutions like these customers: