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AIRHEAD was the 1st One-Piece construction plastic return air bulkhead in the industry. The AIRHEAD was designed to give your trailer better front wall protection and your refrigeration units better airflow. AIRHEAD accomplishes both objectives while bringing out several other advantages.

The AIRHEAD advantage.

  • Patented one piece construction
    Airhead patented one piece design has become the standard in the industry. It is simple to install, taking 1 man 15 minutes. The only maintenance the Airhead requires is making sure the air ducts are clear from obstruction.
  • AIRHEAD channels air
    to your refrigeration unit, reflecting the trailer's true temperature reading. Air is pulled evenly across the full width of the trailer. This allows the refrigeration unit to sense the true temperature of your trailer, cooling and maintaining your load temperature exactly as needed for transportation.
  • USDA approved.
    Airhead is constructed from HMW Polyethylene plastic giving it high impact resistance at extreme low temperatures. HMW Polyethylene is approved by the USDA for the food transportation industry.
  • Crossover holes give added airflow protection.
    Airhead was designed with crossover holes to back up the primary openings if they are ever blocked by debris. This insures continuous air flow to your refrigeration unit even when obstructed by debris.
  • Built in debris screen.
    Primary openings are designed to block most load debris that could be pulled into the unit. A mesh screen is offered as an option for added protection.
  • Approved by beef and pork processors.
    Optional corner enclosures are required when hauling beef or pork products.
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