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Adjustable Bulkhead Replacement For Trailers                                     

IDEAL FOR Multi-Temperature applications with trailers that have multiple heights up to a 4" variance.

*Available in the Duraflex 2" core, Skinny Bun 3" core and the Skinny Bun Lite XP 3" core configuration

Our two-piece certified insulated products are adjustable, and they were designed with the transportation industry in mind.  They're ideal for drivers and loaders due to the lightweight design and ability to move to different trailer styles.

Bulkhead Replacement Features:
  • 6" Flexible Top compresses to a 4" range in the height  and  a 12" range in width. 
  • 2" Hook & Loop straps provide 12" adjustment in the width to a maximum of 99".
  • 2 Piece Designed easy bulkhead replacement that can replace just one side if damaged instead of entire bulkhead.
  • 2 piece lightweight design makes it easier to move.

10 Year Warranty on all Cores

Flush Mounted Hardware prevents product damage

5 Year Warranty on all 60 MIL UHMW Scuff Plates

Superior Insulating Efficiency

All Bulkheads are not only glued, but heat sealed at the edges for watertight seal and strength to resist moisture

Heavy Duty Reinforced Web Handles

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the flex fit top


Duraflex flex fit bulkhead