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What Makes our ZEPHYR Return Air Bulkhead Superior:

        Return Air Vents are Close to Trailer Floor which Allows for Better Return Air Performance    

      Fits Thermo King and Carrier Units

      Zephyr Interlocks with Removable Pallet Stops 

      Will work with Unitized Pallet Stops       

              Adjustable Mounting Height              

      Built-In Screen-included


      Quick Release Hardware Allows for Easy Access to the Unit for Cleaning and Maintenance

       All Installation Hardware Included with each Unit

      No Straps or Brackets Needed to Access Reefer for Cleaning or Servicing






      The Replaceable Pallet Stops have a Column Strength Design for Wear and Tear

      Helps to Prevent Cracking and Breaking



      • Single-Sheeted low-temp, clear vinyl doors aid in maintaining a temperature controlled area as cargo is loaded and unloaded.

      • Easy to install the low profile hardware that allows the vinyl doors to swing inward and outward with ease.

      • The Auto-Close Hardware is designed so that user can change the tension as preferred with no tools required

      • Stainless steel hardware – will not rust.

      • No strips to catch on product or to get in the way of the loader/unloader.

      • Easy to replace and adds high visibility for safety.