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Insulated Bulkhead Products

Insulated Bulkheads are ideal for Multi-Temperature Distributors.

Any successful "multi-temp" trailer set-up system uses insulated barriers. These products are used to create multi-temp zones in your trailer.  Zones provide protection needed for temperature sensitive cargo.  Companies increase efficiency and profits by cutting down on spoilage and cross contamination.  The insulated barrier is the ideal solution for transporting frozen, refrigerated, and/or dry products.

You can choose from our any of our high quality insulated bulkhead designs, universal or flexible fit design. We also offer custom designs to meet your specifications and each trailer's unique build. 

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Bulkheads universal design eliminates sizing hassles associated with conventional fits and sizes


Eliminates the sizing hassles associated with conventional fits and sizes.

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Skinny Bun

The Certified Insulated Bulkhead considered "The Industry standard for over 25 years".

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Light-weight, rigid bulkhead.  Also available in bi-fold, one-piece, off center bi-fold, and two-piece track mount.

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Duraflex Bulkhead

Economical, light-weight, flexible, user friendly bulkhead

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Custom Fit Bulkheads

You design it, we'll build it!

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