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 Tube Chute with Pop-Up Adapter


The Tube Chute with Pop-Up Adapter combines two of our patented performers into an innovative all-in-one product

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Keep chute and header up and out of the way of potential damage when loading and unloading freight 

Using the patented Tube Chutes and Pop-Up adapter, temperature remains uniform throughout the entire trailer by moving the air flow from the reefer unit to the rear of the trailer.  When not in use, the Tube Chutes collapse flush to the trailer wall, keeping all forklifts and movement away from the hanging chutes.  Using the Pop-Up Adapter,  cargo coming into the front of the trailer will activate the adapter to rise to the ceiling, moving the header material up to the ceiling and out of the way of forklift or cargo damage.


This unique combination is great for hauling dry loads on the back haul.

Drivers will not need to disconnect the chutes nor header every time to prevent damage.

    Unraised Pop-Up Adapter-Bar slides to top when in use!


Nylon header used with Pop-Up adapter provides overall air flow and elimination of short cycling.  The adjustable Crossbar Slide path can easily adjust any gaps between the header and evaporator.  It also helps guarantee the protection of the header system as the crossbar can be configured to move up and away from the evaporator if the header comes in contact with cargo.  Easy to install!


Picture of air blowing from reefer unit through tube to back of trailer

 Picture of Vinyl Tube Chute with Nylon Header and unraised Pop-Up Adapter 

     Header Inflated