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Need to repair tears or damaged vinyl areas on bulkheads?

Order part# 2120-1 Vinyl Patch Kit.

Patch kit includes: 1 pint vinyl cement and 1 yard vinyl


Insulated Transport Products warrants for a period of 90 days from date of delivery, all products against defects in material and workmanship. Insulated Transport Products also guarantees against delamination of the Core for 10 years and a 5 year warranty on UHMW Scuff Plates.

These warranties are effective only if the product is installed according to Insulated Transport Products published installation instructions and guidelines.

Insulated Transport Products' obligation to customer satisfaction under this warranty begins with repair, or at its option, replacement of any part under warranty.

All returns for warranty purposes must be assigned a return authorization number prior to return of defective product and shipping must be prepaid by the distributor/customer to Insulated Transport Products, LaGrange, Georgia. Insulated Transport Products retains final judgement that a product under warranty is in fact defective.

Insulated Transport Products shall not be liable or responsible to supply or pay labor to replace any part found defective, nor shall it be liable for damages of any kind or nature to person, product, property, or other consequential damages.

Insulated Transport Products' products are sold without any expressed or implied warranty except as set forth above.