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Cold Draw Ventilation System

Why Cold Draw? 

Cold Draw Ventilation System

We suggest using a ColdDraw System when loads require two set temperatures in the trailer.  The ColdDraw does provide the same basic benefit of our bulkhead mounted fan kit, but with added performance features:

  1. The ColdDraw system utilizes a radial-flow centrifugal fan which, when installed in combination with our air vent system, offers improved air distribution to the back of the trailer. This is possible because the highly efficient fan actually pulls air into the rear compartment at a high velocity.  The higher velocity improves air transfer and mixing, giving more even distribution of the cooling air. Users enjoy even better air transfer if the trailer has ducted flooring!
  2. Better protection of your customer’s assets with a remote mounted sensor.  The sensor location provides a better “average” compartment temperature reading as it is sensing circulated air temperature, rather than air temperature in the discharge air flow of the fan unit.
  3. As with all of our systems, the ColdDraw unit is constructed of environment-appropriate materials with an eye on the rugged environment that the industry demands.
  4. Strategic location of components help prevent handling damage. Traditional bulkhead-mounted systems may experience premature wear and failure due to rough handling by operators and frequent contact with industrial equipment. The ColdDraw system helps reduce the costs associated with this damage by moving components to a remote location while the operators also enjoy reduced weight and complexity while moving bulkheads! This strategic location also helps prevent contamination of the airflow as the system is never laid on the ground and is rarely handled.
  5. The ColdDraw motor and thermostatic units are installed further to the rear of the trailer.  This feature helps to reduce extreme changes in temperature; extending service life.
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