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About Us | Refrigerated Transportation Specialists

"We are committed to provide innovative quality products and expertise to enhance our customer’s efficiency and profitability”

Who We Are

Insulated Transport Products has been in operation since the late 1970’s through the names, Donovan Enterprises and ITW Insulated Products. In May 2014, ITW Insulated Products was acquired by The Carlyle Group and restructured as Signode Industrial Group, LLC. After the restructure was complete, Signode Industrial Group was purchased by Crown Technologies in April 2018 as a stand-out leader in Transit Packaging.

Signode Industrial Group is a leading global supplier of industrial packaging consumables, tools and equipment. The company’s products secure and protect industrial and consumer goods during manufacturing, storage and transit via commercial trucks, railcars, ocean ships and airfreight.

What We Do

Insulated Transport Products manufactures and supplies refrigerated transportation products, such as Insulated Bulkheads, Return Air Bulkheads, Insulated Bulkhead Systems, Air Chutes and Adapters, Insulated Curtains, Pallet Covers and Blankets.

How We Do It

We hear you, and are continually providing the industry new and improved products through research and development based on our customer’s wants and needs. We have patented and produced numerous industry leaders, such as the Universal Bulkhead - the only true "Universal" in the market that will fit multiple trailer heights and widths, the Skinny Bun - the industry standard, and the Skinny Bun Lite XP Insulated Bulkhead. We are the ONLY manufacturer of flexible, hard-sided bulkheads.

Insulated Transport Products has developed the only patented two-piece return air bulkhead in the market, the DuroMax. Through careful development, the DuroMax's two-piece design allows immediate access, with no tools required, to the refrigeration unit for servicing.

Insulated Transport Products newest innovation, The Tube Chute, is a patent pending two-finger chute system that is designed to prevent damage caused by forklifts when loading and un-loading cargo.