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Bulkhead Retention Systems

How would you like to Guarantee that your drivers/loaders will no longer lose or leave Bulkheads!


Bulkhead Retention Systems are designed to keep bulkheads stored out of the way, without ever leaving the trailer. Unlike cable trolley systems that stretch and break, these systems use a metal chain device strong enough to hold the heaviest of bulkheads.  The bulkhead retention system moves along any length of track installed, making it easier to move insulated bulkheads to accommodate different load sizes and demands.  No more lifting of heavy bulkheads to move around the trailer.

  • No more lost or left behind bulkheads 
  • No more bulkheads left in the floor to be damaged by forklifts, etc.
  • Drivers can safely lift and/or move bulkheads
  • System works with any size bulkhead
  • System works with any track
  • Can use multiple configurations depending on your loads


Tether Bulkhead System using part# TCA

3/8" chain quick link

6" chain

D-Ring Mount

Roller Track 8" - part# 125

The Bi-Fold Bulkhead is sold separately.   Use a Skinny Bun, Duraflex or Skinny Bun Lite XP Bi-Fold Bulkhead.

The Track System is a standard 12' or 20' track.