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The Tube Chute design provides uniform temperature throughout the entire trailer by using an adapter and chutes that move the air flow from the reefer unit to the rear of the trailer.  Without the Tube Chutes, the cold air blowing from the reefer unit would not reach the back of the trailer before heating up.
Loaders and un-loaders moving cargo in and out of the trailer have the potential to damage chutes that are attached down the center or side ceiling of the trailer. When not in use, the Tube Chute collapses flush to the trailer wall, keeping all forklifts and movement away from the hanging chutes.



No measuring required!  Also, there are no difficult, lengthy installation instructions to follow.  Anyone can install the Tube Chute, therefore, saving the cost of labor.  The Tube Chute was designed to fit all trailers and all refrigerated units.




 Picture of tube chute when not in use.  Chutes lay flat against the trailer wall. 

The DuroMax with UniMax Adapter pushing air from the reefer through the tubes.