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MaxAir Bulkhead

Return Air Bulkheads

Insulated Transport Products' MAXAIR brings you top quality and performance. The MAXAIR name says it all. With a depth of 5", MAXAIR offers more square inches of opening for return air than any other Plastic Return Air Bulkhead on the market. It is a rotationally molded single unit that installs in minutes and protects the front wall of the trailer.

  • Super tough integrated pallet stops have been molded into the button of the bulkhead, providing excellent front wall protection and impact resistance.
  • Great for extreme Heavy duty applications such as the food service and dairy industries.
  • MAXAIR's universal single unit construction & nesting features make them easy to stock.
  • Takes one man approximately 15 minutes to install.
  • Thickest bulkhead on the market with 1/4" wall throughout the bulkhead; even the recesses.
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