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Plastic Strip Curtains

Insulated Transport Products has the broadest line of flexible PVC strip material for various applications. Our most common PVC plastic strip curtain types include:

  • Standard Smooth for normal traffic in temperature above -10 degrees to 150 degrees, versatile and economical material for a wide range of applications.
  • Offset Standard Ribbed (environments from -10 degrees to 150 degrees) or Low Temp Ribbed (environments from -40 degrees to 90 degrees) for high traffic forklift areas to reduce scratching from loads passing through the opening.
  • Low Temp Reinforced has nylon strings embedded in the center of each strip to prevent contraction of the flexible PVC.  Designed for freezer applications to -40 degrees F.
  • Low Temp Non-Reinforced is made with the softest, most flexible, low-temp formulation on the market, to prevent strips from cracking in cold temperatures.  Designed for freezer applications with temperatures as low as -40° F.

Benefits of Plastic Strip Curtains

  • Crystal clear for better visibility
  • Can be installed in only minutes
  • Can save hundreds of dollars in fuel and maintenance costs every year
  • Payback periods for Strip Curtain Doors are as little as three months!

Configure the Right Strip Door for Your Application

The size and width of your strip door varies by the overall door size and the traffic levels. For light pedestrian traffic, 6” or 8” wide strips are common. Larger door openings with high traffic levels may require 8” or 12” wide strips.

Strip Door Hardware

Our strip doors can be placed easily under Roll-Up Doors using our Side-Wall Mounting Brackets. Mount additional brackets at different trailer depths, so the strip door can be moved as the trailer is emptied.


Ceiling and Wall Mounting Hardware


Ceiling Mounting (UL-LC)

For Header and Under Lintel Mounting (UL for Nut and Bolt Style) 

Wall Mounting (SL-LC)

For Wall and Side Lintel Mounting (SL for Nut and Bolt Style)

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Plastic strip curtains


Insulated strip curtains

Strip Widths Strip Thickness
6" .060
8" .080
8" .072
12" .120