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  • Flexible core design provides memory and eliminates sagging
  • Waterproof core protection
  • Easy to wash for improved sanitation
  • Easy to repair
  • Heavy-duty reinforced web handles
  • 60 MIL UHMW bottom Scuff Plate with a 5 year warranty against wear

All configurations offer the following available options for increased performance and durability:

  • 2 Layers of 18 oz. perimeter vinyl for superior perimeter protection 
  • 4' Abrasion Plate for added Protection
  • Two-Way Hinge for added strength and entry from either compartment
  • Series "E" or "F" Logistic Straps
  • Fan Kit, Vent Kit or Cold Draw for Multi-temp applications

Off center hinged Skinny Bun: Shown equipped with an optional Super Cool II Fan Kit for economical duel temp operations.

  • Bi-fold Option offers excellent portability & durability.

2 Piece Bulkhead on Roller Track

Offers flexibility during loading and unloading. Insulated Transport Products' lightweight, flexible core allows easy access to roadside or curbside while other panel maintains temperature. Each panel lifts and stores easily against trailer ceiling.

2 Piece Skinny Bun Bulkhead on overhead track system

Standard Bi-fold Skinny Bun Bulkhead

Off Center Hinged Skinny Bun Bulkhead