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Midwest Refrigerated Services

Midwest Refrigerated Services (MRS) is a full-service 3PL company providing integrated frozen and refrigerated logistics and distribution services for the food industry. MRS operates one of the largest fresh/frozen 48 state LTL consolidation pools in the upper Midwest with more than 75 trucks.

David Williamson, Refrigerated Equipment Specialist with MRS, has faced the same challenges as everyone else transporting refrigerated and frozen goods across a wide range of areas with varying temperatures. Here is what David had to say about one of those challenges:


“In the past we were like everyone else, using styrofoam as a bulkhead. With the new standards in the food industry we wanted to be on the leading edge of temperature control.”

“If I had frozen product in the nose of the trailer, and refrigerated product in the second compartment, behind the bulk head at 31 degrees, how would I be positive that the temperature remained at a constant?”


“Then I was told about a company, named Insulated Transport Products (formally ITW Insulated Products). My local reefer unit dealer gave me one of Insulated Transport Products’ rep’s name, Royce Williams. Royce came up to Wisconsin to give me a demo on their Skinny Bun Insulated Bulkhead and Cold Draw System. I thought that it might be worth a try to see if it would be possible to have a two temp trailer without having two systems (rear evaporator and a reefer unit)”.

“Royce sent me a Cold Draw fan kit and thermostat; then we went to work.”


“Both Thermo King and Carrier can wire the Cold Draw unit so your driver can check the box temperature in the front and also behind the bulkhead on the screen pad. Our claims on temperature related issues are just about half of what they used to be. When the wiring is done by Thermo King and/or Carrier, your unit will stay intact and will still carry the factory warranty. For any problem with product temperature, there is only one name you need to know. Insulated Transport Products and Royce Williams! Remember, temperature standards are only getting tougher as time goes on”.

This system, along with a vinyl/mesh transition chute allows the operator to run a trailer in a single temp situation or a multi-temp situation using bulkheads. The bulkhead is notched or cut-out in the corner for easy movement throughout the trailer along cold draw piping.

David Williamson showing the Skinny Bun Insulated Bulkhead working in conjunction with the Cold Draw System

David Williamson showing the Cold Draw System supplying thermostatically controlled air from the front of trailer to rear of trailer through the CPVC pipe

Cold Draw System being used with a PE/Mesh center chute
*Also available in vinyl/mesh
*4” CPVC piping can be picked up at any local hardware store