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FDA Proposal for Transportation Equipment:      

   Insulated Transport Products is FDA Ready!

The new FDA proposed  Rules and Regulations for Vehicles and Transportation Equipment (Proposed § 1.906) would require that the design of vehicles and transportation equipment used in transportation operations, the materials used in their manufacture, and their workmanship be suitable and that they be adequately cleanable for their intended use to prevent the food that they transport from becoming filthy, putrid, decomposed or otherwise unfit for food, or being rendered injurious to health from any source during transportation operations

Insulated Transport Products  covers all insulated bulkheads’ cores in an 18 oz. vinyl.  During the manufacturing process, not only is the vinyl glued with a polyurethane coating made for the most demanding application, it is then heat sealed at all edges for a watertight seal, so as to resist moisture.

The maintenance of these bulkheads consists only of a mild dish detergent and water. With a sponge or clean cloth and soapy water, simply wipe off the vinyl to remove dirt, food, surface stains, etc.  Do this on a consistent basis to keep the fabric looking its best and to prevent damage.  All of our insulted bulkheads are sold with a 10 year warranty against delamination from the time of delivery.

Our patented Duromax Return Air Bulkhead is the only two-piece return air system that allows users to just turn a latch to remove bottom portion of bulkhead, so as to clean where debris accumulates most, at the floor area.  Top portion slides off in order to quickly get to refrigeration unit.  Unit is made out of a HMW Polyethylene that is easy to clean with just soap and water.

The new FDA proposed Rules and Regulations would also require that vehicles and transportation equipment that are used in transportation operations for food that can support the rapid growth of undesirable microorganisms in the absence of temperature control during transportation be designed, maintained, and equipped, to maintain the food under temperature conditions that will prevent the rapid growth of undesirable microorganisms.

The trailer's refrigeration unit is designed to control the air temperature inside the trailer.  Since a trailer is not compartmentalized, bulkheads, such as the Skinny Bun, Skinny Bun Lite XP, Duraflex or Universal (UB1)  are needed to separate the frozen, refrigerated and dry goods by making temperature sensitive compartments for each product.  Some of our other accessories, such as fan kits, vent kits and cold draw systems can be built into the bulkhead to assist in keeping the desired temperature for that compartment.

If you are making multiple stops along your route, your products are at risk.  This goes for hot and freezing outside temperatures.  A Universal Curtain  can help to keep the trailer’s temperature steady, keep cool air in and humidity and moisture out.  Our curtains maintain product integrity by helping to keep trailer’s temperature consistent every time the doors of the trailer are opened and the reefer unit shuts down.  

Another part of this FDA proposed Rules and Regulations for Vehicles and Transportation Equipment would require that vehicles and transportation equipment be stored in such a manner as to prevent the vehicles or transportation equipment from harboring pests or becoming contaminated in any other manner that could result in food for which they will be used becoming filthy, putrid, decomposed, or otherwise unfit for food, or being rendered injurious to health from any source during transportation operations.

A solution to this would be to consider a Bulkhead Retention System.  This system can move your bulkheads up and down a track and allow you to store the bulkheads on the sidewall or ceiling.  This will keep bulkheads from laying on contaminated trailer floors or docks.