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Soft-Sided Center Divide Bulkhead System


Unlike the Expensive, Heavy Hard-Sided Center Divide Systems:


  • Soft-Sided Bulkhead's flexibility prevents forklift damage compared to rigid, hard-sided dividers that easily crack when hit by a forklift
  • Allows bulkhead panels to be stored away when not in use
  • Works with our without trough system
  • Design makes bulkhead easier to move, so less employee injuries
  • Can customize panels any width requested, unlike competitors standardized size
  • Divide trailer down the center to create distinct temperature zones
  • Flip-Top Bulkheads available for Roll-Up Doors.  (Hinged with Cam Buckle & Strap)
  • Half the Weight and Price of other Center Divide Systems on the Market
  • Diverter Option allows adaption of CDS system to fit Refrigeration Unit
  • Rear Panel is reinforced with UHMW Abrasion Plate for extra protection
  • Optional Storage Notch  
  • Can purchase replacement panels
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Soft-Sided Center Divide System Shown in Ceiling Trough

2 slot e-tracks are available to hold 1/2 bulkhead in place as it is moved forward


Soft-Sided Center Divide PDF Download



Soft-Sided Center Divide System Shown Without Ceiling or Floor Trough

Easily Change Configuration to Meet Load Requirements

The Rear Panel offers our Sturdy Bulkhead Design of Layers of Insulation and Protection from Repeated Abuse incurred during Trailer Loading/Unloading, and a UHMW Abrasion Plate (pictured above) at the Bottom for Extra Protection