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Finally, there's a bulkhead that will fit multiple trailer heights and widths. We designed the UB1 Universal Bulkhead to be light weight and simple to use.  Most of all, it eliminates the sizing hassles associated with conventional bulkheads. The Universal feature allows you to move the bulkhead from one truck to the other as needed, therefore cutting down cost.  Because our product is versatile, it is a great option for quick bulkhead replacement when needed.


IT'S IDEAL FOR fleets with multiple trailer heights and width variances, even older, bowed trailers!




  • The UB1 Universal Bulkhead fits virtually every trailer dimension, EVEN OLDER, BOWED TRAILERS.
  • No trailer measurements are needed when ordering.
  • The adjustable SPRING TOP material reaches from 97" to 106" in height - tall top or 89" to 98" in height - short top.
  • Velcro Straps provide 10" adjustment in the width to a maximum of 98".
  • The 2" vinyl laminated 5mm corrugated plastic has an open cell foam core.
  • Our panel has the ability to bend and flex when hit. Other rigid core designs can't.
  • With the 2 Piece design, you can replace just one side if there's damage instead of the entire Bulkhead .
  • It's easy to repair.


The core is guaranteed against vinyl delamination for 10 Years from the date of delivery.

It has Superior Insulating Efficiency.

Its Flush Mounted Hardware prevents product damage.       

It includes a 5 Year Warranty against wear on all 60 MIL UHMW Scuff Plates.               

Our Bulkheads are not only glued, but also heat sealed at the edges for watertight seal and strength to resist moisture.

It features Ergonomic and User Friendly Molded Handles.             


The most elite Bulkhead for versatility, ease of use and quality. None surpass it.

The Thermal Image of the Universal Bulkhead shows that a good seal is achieved around the perimeter.

The only loss of cold air was due to the Thermal Conductivity of the aluminum floor.


The ITW Insulated Products Universal Bulkhead Replacement Mounted inside a semi trailer

Bulkhead panels connect with Velcro Straps
Easy panel connect with Velcro Straps

Flexible Bulkhead top for height adjustment
Flexible Top for height adjustment.

 Sturdy straps hold bulkhead in place

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